2015-12-08 01:38 pm

Photocritic: Getting Closer

Well...first post on THIS blog.

Mischief's Right Eye
Photograph Taken: 12/03/2015
Minneapolis, MN

This is part of an assignment that I was doing for Photocritic called "Getting Closer". Which was to take really close photographs. The premise was that most beginners don't have really close subject work. But I've been hobbying in Photography for 11+ years. So I do have a lot of close ups, especially flowers. But I don't usually go after moving subjects. Cats move a lot. I generally do not have my canon on me, when my kitten, Mischief decides to be the perfect innocent kitten (NOT!). But I don't generally do a lot of work in the P setting of the camera. So it was more difficult, and if I had not had the Tripod, it would have been really interesting to complete this assignment.